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After being woken up for the third time last night by my dear children, I had a bit of a difficult time falling back to sleep.  For some reason, I started to think about an unfortunate event from when I was just about 13 years old.  Personally, I can’t believe I still remember that far back.  This memory, in particular, has always stayed vividly in my mind.  I am not quite sure why.  Maybe because I was so embarrassed I wanted to crawl in a hole and die.

I was scheduled to be picked up to babysit a couple little boys down the street.  I enjoyed babysitting those little fellers.  They were very well-behaved, and really a lot of fun.  I don’t remember why but while I was waiting for the boy’s mother, my brother and I managed to get into a raging fight.   No, not an “argument.”  A fight, as in a boxing kickboxing match.  I was so violently angry at him.  My brother did everything in his power to torment me growing up.  (And he never got in trouble for it!!  So frustrating!!)  My brother had taken the phone receiver off the wall and hit me right in the jaw.  I started to yell and scream in frustration, and pure hatred, – I am sure plenty of obscenities – and then I said something like, “I hope I never have boys!”  Just then I realized that those boy’s mother was standing at our screen door and had obviously heard my rant.  It was a rather awkward ride to their house.  Needless to say, they never called me to babysit again.  I can’t blame them.  I didn’t try to explain myself to her.  I was so embarrassed and still very angry.  I am not sure if it would have mattered.

How happy am I that those words spouted out in anger didn’t come true.  I wanted sons!  If all I had was boys, I’d be perfectly happy.  (ok maybe not… I am really loving having a daughter too!)  Boys and girl, each very different, and ALL a blessing!

My Grandma Sheldon gave me a little framed poem when I had my first.  I cherish it.  She was called home shortly after I found out I was having my second son.  I miss her daily.

Why God Made Little Boys:  “… He created boys, full of spirit and fun, to explore, and conquer, to romp and run, with dirty faces and banged-up chins, with courteous hearts and boyish grins…”



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