Maddy’s Material

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This child gave me so much material between the hours of 7am and 10am, I think I took 120 pictures, at least!

First, there was breakfast.  I have posted pictures of her eating before.  She is a complete and total mess.  And she’s only getting messier!  She could use a bath after every meal.  Seriously.

After she was finished rubbing her breakfast in her hair, she wanted down to crawl around.  I am finishing my breakfast and I hear her hollering.  Not screaming but like mad, yelling.  I look down under the table, and she has got herself stuck in the kitchen chair.  Being the excellent mother that I am, I grab my camera.  This is too funny!











What’s funnier?  She did it again.  Well, first she had to disassemble a stack of magazines. 

And yes.  She did again.  I am still sitting at the table and I had gotten distracted – on my ipad, I think.  Anyhow, I hear her yelling again.  This time, it’s much closer.  Like under my feet.

And she was.  Stuck under MY chair, right under my feet!  Again, instead of helping her… I took pictures.  And laughed.


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