A Slice of Heaven for the Boys




Really, NEED I SAY MORE?  Well, I don’t but I will!  ha

After dinner last night…

(again, El Azteca came through with an awesome special!  Camerones Rolanda.  Not sure who Rolanda is… but her shrimp dish was fabulous.  Shrimp smothered in crab meat, mushrooms, peppers, and CREAM.  YUM!!!)

Joe suggested that we take the kids to Bass Pro.  I hadn’t been there in YEARS.  Like a lot of YEARS.  Many YEARS.  I was game.  Not so excited to go to Arundel Mills on a Sat night, but game.

It took us 10 minutes just to get the boys past the lobby entrance, as it was stocked with “stuffed” animals….Then there was this super cool chair…

As soon as we actually go into the store, there right before us was like a light beaming down from heaven…

(que angels singing… aahhhhhhhhh)

The big toy section!  Boats, Utes, ATVs, and they could climb ALL over them.  Seriously, I started to question myself, “had I made the right decision by bringing them here?  Will I be able to get them to leave?”

Then AJ and Adam both ask me, “Mom, why haven’t you ever brought us here before!?!??!?!”  As the RUN to climb on the first ute they see.

Joe suggested we purchase one of this utility vehicles things for ME… you know for my gardening.  UH-HUH.  For my gardening….

Oh and they climbed on almost every single boat.

Then I found the boat that I wanted!!


With the promise that they would be able to see some real, live, whale-size fish… and guns… we were able to pull them from the boats.

The catfish there behind Adam was seriously bigger then he is.  

We browsed through the fishing section on our way to the gun section.  They have pink fishing poles! ha!

And pink, BABY size fishing poles!  This pole is like 12″ long!  So cute!!

Okay, okay… I admit… Momma had fun too!



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