Yay Me!

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So usually I am writing about the kids… Not in this post (ok not a lot)!

First of all, my new camera came yesterday! Yay me!! I played with it a little bit last night. So far I love it! I think I am most excited about the zoom lense! Yay me! I can’t wait to work it out at the boys basketball game this morning! Really the camera is so I can take awesome pics of the KIDS! Oh but yay ME!

Second of all, I think I may finally be able to ride again. My trainer from when I was a teen is hooking me up with her friend who lives down the road from me for lessons. Although I may not be able to start until the weather gets a little nicer, I am dying to ride. I am not complaining because I live a pretty amazing life but I don’t really have anything I do for myself. Most everything I do is for my family. Momma needs to have something of her own too. Yay me! Last time I rode, I had to stop because I found out I was pregnant – with AJ! Its been that long!!! Ugh. This trainer does western and I am really excited about that! Sounds like SO much fun! Now, just gotta keep from getting knocked up again… (Hahahhaahha).


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