Bike Ridin Playdate

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This afternoon a group of our friends invited us down the street to ride bikes since the weather has warmed up today. The mommy’s did some catchin up and the kids just rode, and rode, and then became fascinated with the storm drain… Then rode some more.

We took over a sleepy culdesac down the road. All the neighbors were very friendly and didn’t seem to mind. Very few cars came through which was nice.

My friends daughter came down late after she got off the bus. As she glided down the hill on her razor scooter, I noticed something wasn’t right. She looked like she was crying. As she got closer, I saw why. She had fallen and bad. She had road rash on her elbow and knee and ankle. It was awful. It was all I could do to hold it together, my heart ached for her! We got her loaded in my friends van and they got her right back home.

The bike riding extravaganza didn’t last too much longer after. It did, however, last long enough for us to make some new friends! A very fun momma who just moved in on our road, who has a baby boy Maddy’s age and a girl Adam’s age. Yay! New friends!

Madelynn had fun too… As you can see! She was in a goofy-face-making mood. So cute, and silly!


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