Brat in a Bubble

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Had to deal with traffic this morning! Poor me!!! Whahhahaa! There was an accident on the highway, so when I went to drop Adam off to preschool, I took the back roads. Well looks like a couple other people had the same idea! Boo!

Brat in a Bubble! That’s me! I am not sure if I am proud of it or not. I am spoiled. My commute to work involves walking down a set of stairs in my home. No business suits required. Sometimes, I even go to work in my jammies. And, I LOVE my bubble here where I live and don’t generally venture outside of it. I am okay with it.

I used to have commute to Bethesda. Hour and half of traffic before arriving to an already stressful workplace made for a poor combo and I generally required an hour to decompress before if was safe for anyone to speak to me. And the business-suits! Ugh! Don’t miss those for even one second! Although, I was so proud of myself. To be a professional at my young age, making the money I was making, without a college degree… Just goes to show you! (These ppl nowadays and their excuses – I don’t have any sympathy!)

Anyhow, I am an old and spoiled now. I don’t do traffic. I am cool with my bubble. Thank the Lord for online shopping!


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