It Was Just Supposed to be Dinner!

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After completely failing to properly plan Madelynn’s 1st Birthday party, I decided to have a couple people over for “dinner”. Needless to say, it turned out to be a bit more then dinner.

At one point, Joe walked in and Taylor was decorating with streamers and balloons.  He says, “I feel like I have been bamboozled!  I thought this was only supposed to be dinner!”

Me too.  OOPS! 😉

Although it was a bit squished in our little house, everyone seemed comfortable and to be enjoying themselves.  Actually, I thought it turned out awesome for being planned on the fly, really.  We had all the ingredients for a perfect little party…

There was cake.


And cookies.


Some of the most fabulously awesome and amazing people we know!

I must make mention of those who I don’t have pictures of but were most certainly there to share in the celebration. SARA! MISSY!  CJ & CHRIS!  KIMMIE (who can only be seen in the corner of a picture or two!). KAITLYN!  KEVIN! and from across the country JENNIFER! 🙂


Did I mention there was cake?


Oh, and there was TULLE!


And the MAIN ingredient, the BIRTHDAY PRINCESS!  Crown courtesy of Sara and Giada.  So cute!!


Like I said, all the ingredients for the PERFECT little Birthday “dinner”.


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