Loads of O’s

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AJ got off the bus today, beaming!

“I got my report card today, Mom, and I saw lots of O’s on it!”

“I am smart, aren’t I?”

ME: “Yes you are!!!”

And he really is! He’s too smart! He always has been. I mean he was walking and speaking phrases by 9 months old! I admit, he gets it from his genius father! (Yeah, I would never say that in Joe’s presense! Lol).

I am so proud of him!!! And I LOVE that he’s proud of himself.

Sometimes his pride gets in his way and I know this will be a challenge for him at times, especially as he grows. At the same time, I am so happy he is as proud and confident as he is!

AJ is such an awesome kid and I don’t post enough about him. He’s more serious than Adam (which really isn’t hard to be) and he is not a ham like his brother, so I don’t have has much material. Plus he spends every free second he can with Joe – usually out with the equipment – while I am inside making dinner or doing something else domestic.

Excuses, Excuses! I am going to make a more conscious effort to blog about him! It’ll probably involve lots of talk about equipment. So those who have always wanted to learn about loaders and translifts, you’re in luck! AJ’s life revolves around all things construction!


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