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Adam was on today!  He made me laugh so much today with all of his “Adamisms.”

I got him a packet of donuts this morning from the gas station.  This kid LOVES donuts.  So after preschool, on the way to the bank, he says to me, “Mom, can I have another donut?”  I tell him No, and ask him why he needs another donut.  He tells me, “cause I need to get all the mean outta me!”

Where does he come up with this stuff!?!?

He gets all worked up because we have to go to the bank.  I tell him I will ask them for a lollipop for him.  He immediately calms down.  Candy makes the world right for Adam.

He requests a green lollipop.  He tells me, “Mom, I don’t know what flavor this is… but it’s flavory!”

I will tell you what’s flavory, alright…. ADAM!

As you can see, Adam also has a thing for flashlights… ah but that’s another blog post!


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