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(Maddy killed my camera, and so I must rely on my cell camera. Wha! She pulled it off the end table last night and it’s done. To be fair, I’ve dropped it a couple times myself. It just couldn’t take another fall when Maddy got to it.)(Oh and I been slackin so bad on my blog posts. Hope to get caught up soon. Story of my life!)

Wheezy. Madelynn’s little buddy. I am not sure why she’s taken to this little round penguin but she’s loves it! We named him Wheezy because he reminds us of the (broken) squeaky penguin toy from Toy Story 2. He just makes her laugh. When she’s crawling, she puts the pompom on his Santa hat in her mouth and carries him with her, like a momma kitty would carry her kitten. It’s adorable.

And the last pic in the line up. It starts already. Girl’s obsession with the phone. Dad-gum, she’s cute! 🙂


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