Madelynn’s First Band-aid!

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Unfortunately, this is not Madelynn’s first boo-boo nor it is her worst.  But it is the first one that warrants a band-aid.

Thursday I was baking pizza for lunch – the kids were home again from school due to snow – and she crawled over and stuck her precious little hand in the crevice between the oven and the bottom drawer.  She cried but the area where she had her had didn’t feel hot to me so I thought maybe she just pinched her finger.  Her fingers looked a little red.  She was fussy the rest of the day and I assumed it was her teeth.

Last night she was on my lap playing and I noticed a blister on her middle finger!!  I couldn’t believe it!  Then I saw she had another blister on her little ring finger.  She burned herself!!   My poor baby!!!

The one her middle finger has popped and it’s looking kinda yucky so I decided to put some A&D on it and a band-aid.  She was puzzled to say the least.

My baby!!

I guess I am going to have to buy some princess band-aids.  Her choices were green camo, transformers, cars and toy story.  So we went with Toy Story.  She seems okay with it.



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