Snow Surprise?


Our first decent snow storm this winter.  It kind of snuck up on on us last night.  I don’t think a lot of people paid much attention to the weather forecast.  Joe is obsessed with the weather so we knew it was coming.  But telling by all the abandoned vehicles up and down our road, many people must not of been expecting it or maybe they didn’t believe the weather-person on the news (since they are frequently incorrect in their forecast).

On a good note, the kids got another snow day!  They were off yesterday because we got little 2inches of snow and ice.  Today, lots more snow.  A very heavy, wet snow.  Great for sledding!

Snow amazes me.  It’s so beautiful yet so destructive.  My poor trees!



2 thoughts on “Snow Surprise?

  1. The snow is so beautiful on your pine trees–I love when it sticks to the branches like that. We came home to barely a dusting in Southern MD. I guess that’s good? Not looking forward to the ice storm this week, though.

    • It’s still stuck the trees around here. It is really pretty! But this snow was so wet and heavy, I am afraid my trees are going to suffer.

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