Georgie…Oh, I mean, Maddie’s first sled ride

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If you don’t know Georgie, Ralphie’s kid brother, in the Christmas Story (you’ll shoot your eye out!)… Let me know introduce you to Georgie’s Snowsuit: 

Now let me introduce you to Maddie’s snowsuit!

She was really not happy about being all bundled up and restricted but we got like the perfect sledding snow last night… 2 inches of snow with a sheet of ice on top.  AJ wanted to take her on her first sled ride.  I was a little worried because it is pretty slippery out there.  But I gave in… didn’t want her to miss out on her first sledding adventure!

So the boys have developed at least 2 tracks down our backyard.  A beginning and a black diamond.  Maddy needed a bunny slope.  I got AJ set up with her in a spot I thought would be suitable for her super beginner level.  I told him to hold on tight and don’t let her go for anything!  Not even 10 feet later, he bails from the sled with her!  He didn’t let go though.  She fussed but was fine.

So I handed AJ my camera and got on the sled with her.  My bunny slope worked perfectly.  We slid about 20 feet at a nice slow pace.

Madelynn really wasn’t too excited to be outside in the icey cold weather.  She couldn’t wait to get out of all the layers.  I think we were outside for like a total of 10 minutes, maybe.

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