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No title for this post… I feel like it’s too random…

Yet again, another stressful day.  It’s getting pretty old.  I have 2 nanny interviews lined up this week and I trying to squeeze in a 3rd.  Hopefully they at least show, or even better, please let one of them actually be good enough!  If I could just get help around the house, even a couple hours, a couple days a week, I honestly feel like things would start to just feel better around here.  I wouldn’t feel so much pressure.  I might actually be able to enjoy evenings with my kids.  Well, that’s the ultimate goal anyway.

So I when I have days like this, when I just feel like it’s been a terrible day, I try to reflect on the good of the day.  There is always some good at some point during the day.

My dwarf meyer lemon tree has cute little buds!  So excited.  I would love to be able to have a lemon from my lemon tree!  

I did actually have an enjoyable evening with my kids and husband.  We grabbed dinner out and everyone was cooperative tonight.  I love my kids.  They are so cute!!!

I had noticed that Madelynn had teeth surfacing on her top gum a couple weeks ago and she has obviously been teething.  I didn’t think these teeth would pop through so soon considering they look to be her k9s.  Usually babies get their two top front before their k9s!  Well, it’s official.  They have won the race.  Her k9s are through.  And there are no other teeth surfacing that I can see.  She is going to look like a vampire!!  Kelsey suggested maybe more like a cute caps player or maybe a cute walrus… can walrus be cute?  Glass half-full approach:  This should make for some super silly, super cute pics!  Madelynn already likes to make funny faces so this should just add to the silliness!

Although, it may not have felt like it initially (I had a host of challenges today), the worse part of today was that we had to say bye to Kelsey.  Winter break is over and she is heading back to college.  I know it’s the right thing to do, for her to go to college, but it stinks.  We really enjoy having her around!  Actually we really enjoy her whole family – it’s just not cool when she’s away!

I am going to be a complete and total disaster when my kids go to college!  Joe will ask me what I am going to do if one of them wants to go to school somewhere like CA.  Well, I guess we’re moving to CA.  I don’t think I would be able to handle it.  I’d probably turn into one those crazy cat ladies… or probably a dog lady since I am extremely allergic to cats.


4 thoughts on “Title – less

    • Sounds good to me! AJ tells me he doesn’t want to ever leave home. Right now, I am okay with it. When he’s 18, I will probably have a different view! 🙂

    • I can’t wait! I LOVE lemons! When my tree arrived last summer, it did have blooms and small green lemons. The blooms smelled so sweet! But the stress of the transit and, I believe, the overall environmental change caused them all to fall. I have been working hard to keep it happy, and it’s looking promising! 🙂 Look your FL pics – looks like you had an amazing time!!! 🙂

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