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I was running my mouth about something about someone (I can’t even remember now about who or what) and instead of saying “B!?ch”… I said “Biiaatch”…  Well, I didn’t realize AJ was standing right there.  Next thing I know, I hear AJ… just nonchalantly saying  “Biiaaatttch”, “Biiaaattttccchhhh”, “Biatch”… Oh my goodness.  It was really hard for him to take me seriously that he shouldn’t say that word through my uncontrollable laughter.  So now he’s giggling and saying “Biiattccchhh”.

Yeah, I am up for the mother of the year award.  I think I got it in the bag.  (Eventually, I was able to get out in a somewhat serious tone that he is not aloud to say that word and if he does it again, I will tell his father.  He lives life to impress Joe so he stopped right away.)


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