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We had a snow day today!  With only 2 inches of snow on the ground!

Joe was around so we took the kids out to lunch and as we drove down the road sideways, I was so happy that school had been cancelled.

This evening we were supposed to interview a young lady for the nanny position I advertised for.  What a disappointment!  Such a bummer!  I mean do young adults nowadays have any work ethic?  Values?  Respect?  A conscious?  This young lady came across very down-to-earth and I really had a good feeling about her.   Until tonight.  She was supposed to be here at 6pm.  At 6:05, I told Joe I had a feeling she wasn’t going to show.  I like to give people the benefit of the doubt even though they repeatedly prove to be just irresponsible.  It was dark and snowy, maybe she couldn’t find the house.  I had her cell number so I called her from my cell.  She answered and then promptly the phone cut out.  In our correspondence, I had given her my home number.  I looked at my cell and I barely had one bar, again giving her the benefit of the doubt, maybe my phone cut out on her?  I called from the house line.  She ignored the call.  You know how when it rings and you get the sorta rollover ring when they hit the ignore button?  Yeah.  I left her a message just wondering what was going on.  I was nice and polite.  No more benefit of the doubt.  She was a no call, no show.  Seriously, any decency?  Courtesy?  Humor me.  Joe had rushed home from work.  We had rushed through our dinner.  And she didn’t even have the decency to call and give me some bullshit lie about how she couldn’t make it.

I hate that I have to even look for a nanny but it’s impossible for me to keep up this pace any more of working all the time, caring for the kids, and trying to keep up with the house with whatever non-existant energy I have left at the end of the day.   All I want to do is work, get off and make dinner for my family, and enjoy my kids in the evening.  Instead I am constantly stressed with trying to pick-up and squeeze in laundry before pooping out.  And then I end up getting short with the kids and yelling.  It sucks.  And this stupid chick listed on her facebook page (yes, I checked her out!) “couch potato at unemployed” as her occupation.  What a loser.  If any of my kids pulled what she did tonight, you better believe I would make them call and apologize.

If I had to estimate, I would say that at least 95% of this generation of young adults is lazy and devoid.  It’s really scary.  No work ethic at all.  No personality.  No drive.  No motivation.  No nothing.  Disgusting.

Her loss.  I am an awesome boss and my kids rock.  Just look at this adorable baby.  Who wouldn’t want to babysit her all day everyday?


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