Some light…

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This week!  Ugh.  Ups and downs.

I am just feeling overwhelmingly stressed and extremely exhausted from this week.  I had a little breakdown this morning and decided to take a long drive home from dropping Adam from pre-school.  Got some fuel, a car wash, and some country roads helped me clear my head.  On the way home I came across a lot for sale.  I felt the need to stop… and I did.  I think it’s perfect for what we need for the company.  So maybe there was a reason I had my little tantrum and took that drive… maybe it wasn’t just to clear my head and calm down?

I need to send a shout-out to my girls.  Missy and Kelsey.  I don’t think they can even comprehend how much I appreciate them – and especially this week.  I have been a total mess.  They are amazing and I am so lucky to have them in my life!!!!  LOVE YOU LADIES!!

Some lovely light this evening.  Grandpa Al and Grandma Maria came up for a visit.  They brought subway and we just hung out.  It was very nice.  Grandma Maria thoroughly enjoyed Madelynn… and I think Maddie was quite happy too… so content, in fact, that she fell asleep in Grandma Maria’s arms!

Photo courtesy of Photographer Extraordinaire, AJ.

I mean, look at her!  She is passed out!  So funny!






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