Madelynn’s First Crawl

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After weeks of butt-crawling and rolling and scooting to get around, Madelynn finally figured how to crawl on all fours.  Whelp, there’s no stopping her now!


Well, this day ended on an excellent note.  It started a little rough.  Took Madelynn to the drs for her awful cough.  She has her first ear infection.  I have a feeling she will follow in her brother’s footsteps and will end up with tubes.  I don’t even think the boys started with their ear infections this early.  Then I had a rather lengthy and intense dentist appt.  Boo.  Joe took the boys to basketball so that I could get the kitchen picked up.  I decided to dvr the Biggest Loser so that I could watch it while running on the treadmill.  I am finally feeling well enough.  After broken bones and an injured back, I ran a mile and walked for another mile.  Not to shabby for my first day back to working out!  As soon as I finished running my mile, I notice Madelynn crawled about 3 steps.  Called Joe in to record her big first!  YAY!


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