That Cough…


As I sit here listening to my baby girl hacking and coughing, I just ache because I can’t stand it when my babies don’t feel well.  Her belly has been hurting her today and this cough she gets at night is just heart-breaking.  I wish this cold would pass already!

Took AJ to the drs today.  They think he has acid reflux and that is what is causing his vomiting episodes at night.  He got upset when I told him he can’t have cheeseburgers and buffalo wings anymore.  The dr, or physican’s assistant I should say, was very nice and spent a lot of time with us.  I liked her a lot.  But as most drs I deal with anymore, sometimes I feel like it’s all about the meds.  She wanted to put him on Zantac or something like that and I asked if it might be beneficial to remove the foods from his diet that are causing the reflux?  Well, yes.  But IF the meds work he can eat whatever he wants.  I know I didn’t go through medical school but if my son’s body is telling him to stop eating fried, greasy, unhealthy foods… why would I put him on a med so that he can continue such poor habits?  Just sayin.

We started a food journal tonight.  I did some research on reflux safe foods.  I made NY strip, well trimmed, and broiled them on top of a cookie rack set in a roasting pan so the fat would drip off.  I cut up some potatoes, tossed in salt, pepper, and egg whites, and roasted til crispy.  And raw baby carrots to round it out.  With reflux, it looks like it’s all about the acid and fat.  So if I keep the fat and grease out, maybe I won’t be cleaning up barf in the middle of the night so often.

ugh that cough!!!  It’s awful.  Tonight is going to be long night.  Actually, I think this whole week is going to suck.  I know it’s no way to think but my anxiety level is through the roof.  ah but that’s another blog post… Lord, please give me strength.

And I didn’t get to finish my tamales today!  Maybe tomorrow.


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