Fun Church & Tamales!

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We tried a new Church today – only because they offer a Sunday evening Mass.  We have been meaning to give it a try.  Lord, please forgive me, but Sunday is usually the only day we truly get a break from work around here and it is just so hard for me to get going in the morning to get to 8am Mass.  10:30am is usually so busy, its standing room only.  12pm is just too late and I feel like I don’t have any day left.  So we planned the whole day so that we could get to 6pm.  They had a youth ministry band and it was just really fun.  Lots of singing and clapping.  Adam complained that it was too long… okay it was about 10 minutes longer than the 8am Mass they are used too.  But he was dancing in the pew so, really, it is that bad??!?  Little stinker.  I am excited to have an good alternative to 8am now!  yay!

I stopped in the grocery store to get a few staples to get us through the next couple days and they had dried corn husks in the ethnic food section!  YES!! I can finally attempt to make tamales.  My friend and ex-co-worker, Miguel, would bring tamales in (especially for me because I would gush and drool over them).  He only brought them when his Mom was in for a visit from Mexico.  I am not kidding, these things are so delicious, I dream about them to this day.

Unfortunately, I have lost touch with Miguel.  I really enjoyed his company.  And he always brought in yummy food for me – not just tamales.  Miguel I miss you! !!! Where are you????

Anyways, back to his amazing tamale-making Mom.  I wish I could have met her and shook her hand and begged her to teach me how to make those beautifully delicious authentic Mexican tamales.  Seriously, I have not had anything like them since.  Joe agrees with me – I managed to save a couple and brought them home for him to enjoy.  SSSSOOOOO GGOOOODDD.  Sorry, El Azteca, (our favorite Mexican restaurant) doesn’t have anything on Miguel’s Mom’s Tamales.  AAAHHHHH.  I love them.  I tried a tamale at Azteca the other night, I couldn’t even eat it.  I am ruined now.   They have to be like the real-deal, from an old-school Mexican Mom or Grandmom!  Seriously.  For real.  Really.  So Good.

So I started the process.  It’s very time-consuming to make tamales.  I finished the pork and it was so bland.  I wasn’t even looking and when I logged on to blog, someone had posted a tamale recipe!  So weird.  Right in front of my face.  Well, she saved my tamales! ( Her recipe is more authentic and tasty then the one I found on the internet this morning.  I plan to post my experience tomorrow!  And hopefully eat some yummy tamales for dinner on Mexican Monday (I am trying to be more organized so I decided to try to have a theme for dinner for each day of the week.  yeah.  well see how long that lasts! lol)


One thought on “Fun Church & Tamales!

  1. I am so glad I was able to help. 🙂 One of the reasons I posted my recipe was because it took me SO many years to figure it out. I was sure there would be others out there (like me) who were tamale-challenged and could really use some tips. 🙂

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