Littlest Buddies

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Madelynn LOVES Spike.  It’s so cute!!

This morning Madelynn was sitting on my lap on the couch.  Spike was on the floor, sitting, just starring at her.  (I believe he sees her as a source of food, mostly because she is.  She loves to throw food AT him from her high chair.  He loves it.  She does too.  She just laughs.)  So anyways, she spots him starring at her from the floor.  She’s laughing.  She says, “Bad.”  Then she giggles.  She says, “bad” again.  And she laughs again.  Then she points at at him and says, “goggie.”  Oh my gosh.  She is so smart.  She is so cute.  I LOVE MY KIDS!!

(poor pic quality – my bad – I used me cell)


These were taken Christmas Eve (12/24/10).  Her and Spike were playing with a plastic container.  Adorable.  She’d play with it and Spike would steal it.  She’d steal it back from him.  And so on.  Love it!

Spike doesn’t have a mean bone in little body.  He gets rotten at times and gets into things he knows he shouldn’t.  Overall, though, he’s got a great temperament.  I am so happy that my kids have a dog that they can have that wonderful relationship with.  And he loves to play with them.  I honestly think he thinks the kids are like fellow puppies.  LOVE IT!


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