Attack of the Dumb-Dumbs

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I am afraid and you should be too… Its like a whole generation has been dumbed down and stripped of any motivation. There are the select few that go against the grain and surprise the heck of out me… And you know who you are… ;). And I love you. You give me some hope.

I will allow one excuse. Ya know what. No I won’t. So it’s New Years day. And you have to work. Be grateful you have a flipping job!!! And it’s not even that difficult of a job. I have held a jobs in couple different delis in my life. Minimal physical and brain power required. No offense. I can say it cause I’ve done it.

Why the rant? We didn’t plan for dinner tonight and when we finally got out to find dinner, the places we wanted to eat were closed. Safeway was open. I thought, I’ll just grab some sammies. It’ll work. (Way to be optimistic, April)

I go to the deli. It looks open. There’s a young kid at the other end just standing there, ignoring my presence. After a couple minutes of starring at him in a sad attempt to telepathically tell him to get off his lazy butt and help me, I walk up and ask if they are open. He says “Yes.  Uh, do you want a sandwich?” (Me thinking: no ding dong. Standing here for fun. Here’s your sign.)

I am looking at the menu and it lists the names of the sandwiches but not the ingredients. They don’t even have pictures of the sandwiches. I ask, “do you have one with roast beef?” He responds, “I don’t know.”  Me, “Seriously?!?” (Me thinking: do you even work here??????). I spot a menu on the counter. Thank goodness. I wonder if I will have to make the sandwiches myself.

I give the kid the first sandwich order, I don’t want to overwhelm him by ordering them all at once.  It’s a typical roast beef sammie with horseradish sauce. A girl arrives to help him. Lord, please let her not be as airheaded and lazy and slow as the boy.

They can’t find the horseradish sauce.  Omg. I text Joe and tell him it’s going to be a while. The kids ask this older lady where the sauce is. Her response, “it’s there.”  That was helpful. She was just as lazy as the kids. My patience level is starting to plummet. I tell him not to worry about it, mayo is fine. The girl seems to know what she’s doing. I feel confident to give her the rest of the order.

While waiting, I go over to get the drink as part of the “combo” meal. Of course, the soda is out. I ask if I can substitute the bottled sodas since the fountain soda is out. The kids don’t know. Surprise. They ask the older lady. She says no. And gets all huffy because she has to change the bag for the soda fountain. I am sorry I disturbed you. I think you deserve the best customer service award. NOT.

While waiting on her, I walk around the deli. Oh look! There’s the horseradish sauce! Right there with all the other deli sauces, in the front of deli glass! That little stinker! Hiding from those deli workers like that! I mean, really?!?! No effort at all. I just threw a bottle in the cart. I wasn’t even going to try to bring it to their attention. Didn’t seem worth it to me.

Finally, older lady emerges and walks behind deli counter, ignoring me. The kids tell me the soda is ready. I get the sodas and ask the girl which chips to choose from for the “combo” meal. She shows me. The sandwiches are ready. Finally.

I am feeling like, get me out of this dumbland hell. I get to the checkout. The cashier didn’t know how to ring up the combo meals. (Breathe, April. Don’t yell at anyone on New Years day). I tell her just to ring it up regular. I don’t care. I just want to get out of here. I apologize to her for being short because she wasn’t really the problem. The kids didn’t put the correct stickers on the sandwiches. Shocker!

As soon as I was checked out, I almost ran out of the store! Once outside, I am faced with a group of teen-age looking kids sitting outside smoking. They looked like they work at Safeway. Disgusting and unprofessional. The managers at the Mt Airy Safeway should be absolutely ashamed.

I am proud that I lean more conservative politically. I don’t believe in handouts. I believe in HARD WORK and that everyone needs to pull their own weight.

I have had to work on Christmas morning and I am catholic. I did it with a smile on my face even though I really wanted to be home with my family.  And I worked just as hard as I would have any other day even though I REALLY didn’t want to be there. It’s called having a good work ethic. And everyday I am faced with more people that don’t have any work ethic at all. They are lazy and spoiled and dumbed down.

Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh! We are under attack! Be afraid. Be very afraid.


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