Birthday Cake Ice Cream

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is the best ice cream known to man -and woman, as far as I am concerned.  Just saying.

(here’s that other blog post I was talking about last night)

Considering that I am lactose intolerant and ingesting ice cream actually causes me physical pain (some sort of reflux reaction), I will eat it anyway.  It is that good.

Unless you are one of those people that don’t like your food “to touch”, or you don’t like cake and ice cream together, hasn’t everyone enjoyed the last bites of cake and ice cream when it’s all mixed together?  Thank you to the smarty-pants who decided to make this a flavor combination we can enjoy anytime.

I think my favorite brand of the birthday cake ice cream is turkey hill.  This is a tub of Edy’s – it was on sale.  It’s good but I think the turkey hill is better.  Still worth the pain.


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