The boys went over Nana and Pop-pop’s for a sleepover.  Kelsey offered to watch Madelynn.  We had a gift certificate begging to be used.  El Azteca here we come!

I love their salsa.  I think I could drink it.  I do NOT like raw onion.  Actually, generally, in order for me to eat onion it must be VERY finely chopped and cooked down.  I think I have texture issues with it.  But the raw onion CHUNKS in El Azteca salsa don’t bother me at all.  Honestly, I find them delicious.  What is that all about?  It’s weird.  

Then there’s Fried Ice Cream.  Is this really an authentic Mexican dish?

Per Wikipedia: Although it’s viewed as a Mexican dessert, it is not part of the Mexican cuisine, it is a Tex-Mex or American invention. I thought so.  Whatever it’s still good.  Although I can’t eat it, unless I want to have chest pains for the remainder of the night.  There is only one ice cream I deem worth the pain… and that’s “Birthday Cake” ice cream.  Ahhh but that another blog entry!

I enjoyed my very favorite Mexican dessert.  Sopapillas!

Now, I KNOW my beloved sopapilla is an authentic Mexican dessert!  SEE!!! =

sopaipillasopapillasopaipa, or cachanga[1] is a kind of fried pastry and a type of quick bread served in Argentina,[2]Bolivia,[2]Chile,[2][3] northern MexicoNew Mexico,[4] Peru,[1] Texas[5] and Uruguay.[6] The word sopaipilla is the diminutive of sopaipa, a word that entered Spanish from the Mozarabic language of Moslem Iberian peninsula.[7] The original Mozarabic word Xopaipa was used to mean bread soaked in oil, and derived in turn from the Germanic word suppa which meant bread soaked in liquid.

When we got back home from dinner and picking up the baby, we sat on the couch to enjoy Maddy for a couple minutes, feeling so stuffed it hurt!   Madelynn was so happy… an clear sign she had spent the last couple hours in the best of hands!


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