Hips & Armpits

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Tonight at the dinner table, Adam was pulling his usual stunts to try to get out of eating his dinner. He’s “that kid” in our family… Ya know, the one who won’t eat anything unless it comes from a happy meal box…

Adam whines: “My hip hurts.”

Me, frustrated b/c he won’t even try his food: “Adam, do you even know where your hip is?”

Adam, giggles: “Yyyyesssssss”

Joe: “Point to your hip then…”

Adam, laughing: “Right here.” (he points to his armpit)

Joe and I laughed. We couldn’t help it.

Dinner was good too. I threw together a quiche with leftover ham & shredded swiss. Adam actually ended up eating nearly everything on his plate, leaving only a couple pieces of ham behind. It’s getting him through that first bite. Once he realizes it doesn’t taste bad, he’ll eat.

I will have to post the recipe. It was so easy and really yummy.


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