Company Christmas Dinner

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Tonight we headed over to Becks for the company Christmas dinner.  It went very well.  From what I could tell, everyone had a good time!

I let the boys take pictures.  I love the results!

Kimmie and Cakes

Hubbs, running his mouth, as usual.Wildman had to use the restroom and I asked Hubbs to take him.  The whole entire section got quiet when he left.  So funny.

Ryan.  Goofy.

Mike.  Goofier.

Brian’s hairy neck.  ahahhahhahhahahhhaa


C.J. Looking all serious.

The guys…

Missy!!!!  🙂

Cute Kimmie!

Becks had us nestled in the back corner of the bar next to the fireplace.For some reason, the boys like taking pictures of the fire.  So I included one just because.

Dan and Danny.

Danny.  Goofiest.

Brian.  Well, maybe he is the goofiest…

Well, CJ… looks like the boys wanted to examine your pores.

Chris and Kimmie.  Can we say Daddy’s girl? hehehe

Brian.  We gave him the award for being the “Most Loquacious” subcontractor of the year.  I’ll let you take from that what you will.

Another successful year.  Having these people depend on us so that they can keep food on the table and roof over head is a tremendous thing.  We are grateful that we have been able to make it through another year and Thank God for all we have.  That being said, we work REALLY, REALLY, REALLY hard to keep our company moving forward.


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