BOSS’s Christmas Party

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If this post is supposed to be about Boss’s Class Christmas party, then why is the first pic you see of Maddy Cakes?  Well, first of all, because she is so stinkin’ cute in her little Santa hat!  Second of all, there was no way I was getting a good shot of Boss.  They had the whole school in the gym and he was sitting on the other side in a sea of little monsters.

This morning I woke up in worse pain then when I first hurt my back.  I mean I didn’t think I would be able to move at all today.  It was awful.  I mean, it was really bad.  I took 800mg of motrin in an effort to at least take some of the edge off.  It didn’t really work.  I waddled through the morning.  I knew if I could just make it to our 10:30am chiro appt, I would be okay.  After the sing-a-long with the entire school, the kids went back to their classroom for their little parties.  I managed to get this shot of Boss:He is so stubborn about letting me get pictures of him.  Everytime I tried to take his picture, he shoved food in his mouth.

I love that CC Schools, or at least Boss’s school, doesn’t prohibit the celebration of Christmas for fear it might offend someone.  The kids obviously learn all about the all the different holidays.  But they were reading Christmas stories and his teacher turned on the Polar Express while they ate their food.  Love it.


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