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That’s me, anymore.  Or maybe I have always been one and didn’t realize it.  A big, giant, huge, ridiculous flake!  I feel like I delivered my brain when I had my kids.  Ugh.

Long day.  Get the kids off to school.  The dog had a vet appt.  Then I managed to squeeze in a quick Christmas present run at Walmart where I totally scored the perfect gifts for the boys.  Then I had to take Madelynn to her drs appt.  The whole while my back is killing me.  The nurse at Maddie’s drs office was nice enough to not only carry her out to the car for me, but also put her in the truck.  I really love our peds office.

Back to the house and office before heading out again to get Adam.  I get frustrated when I have days like this.  I feel totally unproductive and I don’t like it.  After AJ got off the bus, I started dinner.  I am working away on this Chicken Spaghetti recipe.  I look up at the clock and it says 4:15.  CRAP.  I am supposed to be at the chiroprator.  RIGHT NOW.  Flakiest Flake of all Flakes.  Luckily, the chiro is really flexible and he took us late.  And to top it off, I really didn’t care for the Chicken Spaghetti.  Joe and AJ seemed to like it as they had seconds and thirds.  Adam wouldn’t touch it.  I was just feeling like it was one of those recipes that I wouldn’t make again, is all…

Thank goodness tomorrow is a new day.


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