Family Vaca 2010 Day 4 – Chillin’

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It’s Saturday.  We are a little tired.  The parks are notoriously more busy on the weekends then the weekdays.

The boys have been begging since we arrived to go to the pool but it’s been a bit too cold.  Today it’s in the 70s.  Still a little too cold for me to get in the pool but the boys are a different story!  Plus the pool is heated.

Marvin assuming the pool-sition! (hahaha…I know I am a dork)

Our hotel is situated on Lake Willis.  The property was just beautiful.

The hotel is very kid-friendly.  We would go back in a heartbeat!

They had two pool areas.  This pool area had the main pool with the pirate ship, 2 huge spas, and a kid pool.  Additionally, they had entertainment and a bar/cafe.  There was a DJ playing music and leading games and dancing with the kids.  It was excellent!  Joe and I had lunch with Charlotte, Marvin, and the kids.  I was impressed.  It wasn’t overpriced and it was pretty good.  I had a grilled maui-maui sandwich.  Then Joe and I ran to CVS for a couple items.  The boys stayed and continued to play!

Adam getting nailed in the face with the water cannon at the top of the slide.  AhahAHAHhaha…

The boys made a couple friends at the pool.  Once of the little girls they were playing with had these noodles with her.  The boys promised they weren’t hogging them.  (yeah right).  Then they kept annoying the little girl’s dad.  They were squirting water at this guy by blowing it through the noodle… I felt terrible!  Until I saw him get them back!  lol

Obviously, this picture didn’t turn out as I had hoped. That said, it does look kind of cool.

Joe and I were back in our room putting the groceries away when the boys (and Grandma and Grandpa) decided to call it a day.  AJ informed us that he had to save Adam’s life.  According to the boys, Adam was drowning and AJ pulled him out.  Grandma and Grandpa couldn’t confirm.  I feel like there might be some exaggeration going on.

We spent the remainder of the afternoon being lazy, laying around and napping.  It was fabulous.


****BIG NEWS****




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