Family Vaca 2010 Day 3 – Ep(a)cot

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We were very excited for Epcot, or Epacot, as Adam would say.  At Epcot, you can drink around the world!  This day started off pretty rough though.  When we arrived, we noticed as soon as we walked into the park that it was extremely crowded.  I was hoping that people were just hanging around the entrance, trying to figure out what they wanted to do.  I was wrong.

Joe wanted to go on the Mission: Space ride so we went straight for it.  There was a 30 minute wait but we decided to do it anyway.  Adam wanted to try it, AJ didn’t.  Well, we all know what a smarty-pants AJ is… we all should have followed his lead on this one.  Joe had seen a show about the ride on travel channel or something and so he couldn’t wait to try it.  I will never, ever go on that ride again.  Just thinking about the ride gives me motion sickness.  Poor Adam.  He was so tough.  It was horrible.  You get into the capsule thing that is supposed to resemble a ship and it’s a flight simulation ride.  Blagh.  When you “blast off” it actually feels like your blasting off.  It literally hurts.  The weight of the world is pressing against your whole body.   Then comes the motion sickness.  Ugh.  Joe and I both hated it.  Never again.

So we are both fighting the urge to puke and we head over to the Soarin ride.  We did this one last year and it was pretty cool.  The wait is like 70 minutes and the fast pass is like for 5:30pm already!  Joe starts to get really bummed.  He had built up big plans for this day, and they were all crumbling down.

I decided to have everyone go to the aquarium while I went back over to the other side of the park and got a fast pass for us to ride the Test Track.  This ride is the boys FAVORITE.  When I got back over to the aquarium, Joe was sitting outside with steam coming from his ears.  They would not allow strollers in and he had to sit outside with the baby.  This was like salt on his wounds right now.  Oh but we had no idea what else this day, this park, had in store for us.  I could not wait to get into the countries so that I could get some beer in him and he’d hopefully relax a little bit.  Plus he was starting to get hungry.  Basically, the perfect storm was brewing.

We get to England and I make him get in line for fish and chips, and BEER.  Charlotte and I take the kids in search of a place to sit and eat.  The dining area was right on the lake at Epcot and we thought this was a pretty place to have lunch.  We staked out the place and as soon as someone got up, we made our move.  Two tables secured.  Being right on the lake, there were seagulls everywhere.  But it seemed okay.

Finally, Joe and Marvin emerge from the line with food and drink.  As soon as Joe sets his beer down, a seagull dives down and poops right in it.  I mean it was like the damn thing dropped a bomb.  I screeched and covered my mouth, waiting for what was to follow.  The tantrum.  It was a good one.  Yelling and some more yelling about how much he hates this place.  Some more yelling.  I mean seriously, REALLY?  Could our day be going this bad, for real?  Yes, it was.  I took the baby and the stroller and marched over to the beer cart.  I told the lady what happened and she gave me another beer for him, free of charge.  I made Joe drink it immediately.  I swear, that bird pooped in his beer on purpose.

Boys in front of train garden in Germany Epcot

After everyone had finished their food, we started to walk around the world.  The disasters for the day seemed to end there.  We visited some more countries.  Got some more beer.  Tried some flavored ice in Japan.  Got a pretzel in Germany.

Adam break dancing in Germany

Had to get a Fiesta Margarita in Mexico (that didn’t taste very good – ah well).

Charlotte and Marvin and the baby hung out in China while we rode the Test Track with our fast pass.  Adam giggled the entire ride.  Test Track rocks.  We then headed back to China to meet back up with Grandma and Grandpa and Madelynn for dinner.  We had a little bit before our reservation at the Nine Dragons restaurant so the boys did a photo shoot.

They got some really good pictures:



They also got some really random and silly pics… you can’t help but laugh…

Such as AJ’s butt… which wouldn’t be complete with a picture of

his crotch. Boys.

Adam’s hair…

AJ’s ear…

Half of Grandpa’s face…

AJ’s hair…

Oh this is a good one…Adam runs up to this lady to get this onehe then turns to AJ, shows him the picture on the camera, and tells him “you’re going to look like that when you are old” and laughs hysterically.  Way to embarrass your parent’s Adam!  Don’t worry kid, I’ll get you back.  I promise.

Two out of three days were pretty great… I can’t complain about that too much!


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