Family Vaca 2010 Day 2 – Magic Kingdom!

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Yes, we are in Florida.  No, you won’t find shorts and t-shirts in sight.  50 degrees at Disney World this morning.  Burr!

Boys with Grandma & Grandpa on Main St MK.

For the past 3 years, Adam has wanted a Mickey balloon and we have resisted.  It’s difficult for a sensible person to spend $10 on a balloon.  Well, this year I gave in and I am happy I did.  He was ecstatic.

Then we caught the tail-end of one of the Main St parades:


Da-dee & Madelynn


My first coaster with ALL my boys!  Space Mountain!  It was AWESOME!!  Look at Adam’s face.  Priceless.  (Joe ended up riding in the ship behind us with some random lady so we chose not to purchase that pic – ah well!)

Next, it was time for Grandma & Grandpa to have a little fun with the boys!  Race Cars!!!

As you can see, this is a serious operation!

So much fun!!!

Joe, the boys, Grandma & Grandpa rode the Carousel and the Peoplemover while I shopped around Tomorrowland with Maddie snoozing away in her stroller.

Scored: Minnie hat for Madelynn

We had lunch at the Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Cafe before heading over to Fantasy Land.  The “It’s a Small World” ride was calling our name.  We rode through the Haunted Mansion, then strolled through Frontier Land and meandered into Adventure Land.  Of course, there was no way we weren’t going on the Pirates of the Caribbean ride.  Joe is totally obsessed with “Pirates”.   We all went on that one – even Maddie!!  She did so good!  Even when the ride went completely dark and we rode down a little waterfall… she just sat there and looked around.  She is such a good baby!!!  

All the rides dump you out into a retail area, and Pirates was no exception.  Grandma and Grandpa bought the boys a couple toy guns.  Stick’em up!  Oh wait, that’s more of a Frontier Land thing…

At 6:15pm, they light the castle.  We were just in time to catch the show.  Too bad I had trouble getting a decent pic with my camera!  I need to take classes on how to work that thing!! 😦

Madelynn would not keep socks or a hat on for anything!  And it got pretty chilly.  Little stinker.

Hungry and tired, we made our way out of MK and in search of dinner.  Black Angus was on our minds… and so we went for it.  The food has always been delicious and it was again tonight.  So so so good.  The boys passed out in the huge booth and we ate.  I ordered my first “flaming” drink.  It was really good.  And on fire!  Whhooo!

We had a perfectly magical day.

It makes me sad to think that my mom, dad, and sister are totally missing out on these awesome moments with us.


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