Family Vaca 2010 Day 1

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After surviving the auto train and getting our eat-on at Cracker Barrel, we made our way to our hotel.  Ummm…all I have to say is… SCORE!  I did good!  The hotel is amazing!  I was hoping and praying that the hotel at least resembled the pictures from their website.  Well, turns out it’s even nicer then the pictures!  That NEVER happens!!  Our newly refurbished “two bedroom condo” is perfect.

We made a trip to the Super Wally World down the street for essentials and then decided to head over to Downtown Disney for dinner at Rainforest Cafe.  We only had to wait a couple minutes for our table but Adam wanted to get our pictures in the photo booth.  $5 later:

Rainforest Cafe doesn’t have good food.  And it’s ridiculously overpriced.  But for the 3 years in a row, we have eaten there.  Maybe it’s the gorgeous salt water aquariums brimming with colorful fish, or the animated gorilla’s that whoo-whoo at us every couple minutes, that keeps us coming back?  I don’t know… 

After dinner we were tired, it had been such a long day, and an even longer night!  But then we saw SANTA!!  And there was hardly anyone waiting to see him!  This is a GREAT way to start the family vaca!!



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