All aboard!!

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We made it to the train station! I was a little bummed that no one actually hollered “all aboard” when it was time to board.

This year we decided to go back down to Disney World – again. It’s so hard to stray away from what works. We are, however, doing things a little bit different than years past. We are staying a different hotel. We brought Grandma and Grandpa. We are taking the auto train down this year.

Given that the kids, Adam especially, love trains, we thought the auto train would be a fun experience to add to our vacation. And I think we thought right.

Of course, I was packing up until it was time to walk out the door. Thanks to Missy we left with everything we needed for Madelynn and I was able to get a shower.

Adam loved drinking (water) from his little wine glass!

The highlight of the train ride was the food.  They served dinner and it was really delicious.  Madelynn had to sit in the booth next to me.  She was so tired, she literally fell over in the seat and went to sleep!  It was hysterical!

Pros of the auto train:

Sit back, relax, and enjoy the long ride.  ~ Reduces wear and tear on your vehicle. ~ The dinner they serve you was actually REALLY good. ~ Very spacious. ~

Cons of the auto train:

Long ride. ~ When your seated right in front of the door, you will not sleep, at all.  Between the light that is just outside the door beaming directly into your retina and the people who found it necessary to use the door all night, there is no hope for decent sleep. ~ Although spacious, you are still not sleeping in those seats. ~  You run the risk of sitting in the vicinity of a disgustingly gassy person.  ~  Your train could run late due to a number of reasons… like an elderly lady who takes her sleeping pill BEFORE dinner.  (Who then falls asleep at the dinner table and cannot be woken up therefore causing the train staff to call an ambulance to meet them somewhere in the middle of nowhere North Carolina just in enough time for the elderly lady to wake up and refuse the ambulance and demand her dinner).  OR the tracks could crack due to unusually cold temps in the south.  Or there could be two trains and one track… and your train is the slow one so it has to pull over and let the train going 100mph go past…at like 12:45am… again reducing any chance for decent sleep. ~  Poor air quality in train car (in addition to the disgustingly gassy lady – blagh).

We made it through the night, barely, and arrive at the train station in Sanford FL about an hour past the original expected arrival time.  The train stops and suddenly the power in the train goes off, meaning the air flow stops.  After a couple minutes we are wondering what in the world is going on.  Then this engineer type guy shows up.  Engineer guy then detaches our train car from the rest of the train and they pull off!  No announcements from anyone… I thought for sure, they were leaving us!  Great.  Just our luck.  Seriously, this is usually how things go for us.  I have no idea why or what they did it for.  Eventually the air comes back on and they announce that we are clear to get off.  THANK GOODNESS!!!

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