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My poor little buddy!  Got a postcard in the mail yesterday that he was due for his shots.  We are gearing up for vaca and he will have to go to the kennel so I made the appt for today.  Also, he has what looked like dry skin in his one ear and it didn’t go away when I cleaned it.  So I figured this would be a good time to have the vet take a look.

Well, he is a MESS!  She took one look at his ear and said he has “chronic ear disease”.  Great.  That sounds good.  Then she starts feeling him all up and asks if he ever limps.  I told her sometimes… like when he gets up from laying down or something.  When it happens, he walks normal again pretty quickly.  I figured he was just stiff.  WRONG again!  He has some patella-whatever problem so his knee cap literally pops off every once in a while.  ummm WHAT?  Then she asks me if he is itchy.  I haven’t noticed him itching alot… so no.  She determines that he is inflamed and allergic… probably to the entire environment.   Holy Moly.  What else????  He needs to be on ear treatment probably for the rest of his life, a round of antibiotics right now then after that an anti-inflammatory medication, probably for the rest of his life.  Oh and he needs to go a joint supplement for his knees.

Joe doesn’t know yet.  All I told him so far is that he needs ear drops.  I might keep it that way.  He doesn’t need any more reason to dislike my beloved Spike.


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