Dinner With Entertainment

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Maddie was entertaining us while we were waiting for dinner.  She’d pick up Grandpa’s hand and peer under at it, like there was a surprise waiting under there for her.  Totally adorable.  Unfortunately, I had to use my cell for the video so the quality is really terrible.  And, of course, when I took the video she only did it once before becoming fixated on the bowl of yellow rice sitting in front of her.  Of course!

And then came my Camerones a la Diabla… my favorite dish at El Azteca… one of my favorite restaurants.  I am a little bummed.  For the second time in a row that I have ordered this dish, at least 1/2 of my shrimp on  my plate were overcooked.  I wonder if they have someone new cooking?  I hate to ever say anything bad about El Azteca because I really, really love the place.  Maybe its a sign I should try a different dish for a change!?!?


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