Hot Ol’Feller

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I started “reading” Ree Drummond’s cookbook this morning and she mentioned that she thought Tom Selleck might be a rancher.  O.M.G.  As far as older fellers go, he’s a hottie.  And a rancher.  Stop it now.  So I had to do my own investigation…. Found this pretty picture of him:

And that he failed as a Cowboy…

Tom Selleck’s dream of becoming a cattle rancher has hit a setback – he can’t kill his cows and they’re too fat for sex. The actor owns an avocado farm in rural California and when he learned the ranch came with two cows, he felt sure he could become a cowboy.

He says, “We were originally thinking, ‘Gee, we’ll have our own beef,’ but something you learn when you become a rancher – you have to kill ’em to eat ’em, and we named ’em Gertie and Birdy. So we said we’ll have more… and we sent them over to my friend David Murdoch’s ranch down the road because he had a big cattle operation… and we put ’em in with the bull.”

“But we fed them so much they were too fat to mount. So Gertie and Birdy never had kids.” (

He’s an avacado rancher?  Whatever.  He’s still a hot old man.


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