It’s Official… I can plumb!

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I went to the county today because I needed to clarify some wording on our building permit for the health dept.  Apparently, the health dept doesn’t get to see the plans and I didn’t write on the application that the 1st floor bedrooms are being taken out.  So I had to drive all the way up there just to put some more words on the app!  GRRRR!

But while I was there I thought, what the hay!, let me see if I can past this homeowner plumbing test so that I can pull the plumbing permit myself.  It was 10 questions, open book and I had 2 hours to complete it.  I didn’t have 2 hours.  Barely had an hour.  I had to get back home to get AJ from the bus.  They sat us (Adam and Madelynn were with me) in a back corner in the permit office.  Adam colored for a little bit and Madelynn was entertained by a crayon for about 2 minutes.  So this plumbing stuff is like a foreign language to me… Maddie starts fussing… Adam is whining that he bored and wants to go home… and I am worried I won’t be able to get this done in time… and to top is off I really have to go potty.  So I push through it and the time starts to get away from me.  I have to go!  There’s one more question to do, so I guess!  I handed my test in and told the (very nice) lady that I really had to run.  Of course, Adam left is sweater back in the corner where we were sitting.  So I had to run back and help him find it.  In the meantime, they were checking the test.  I gathered everything and headed for the door.  She yells to me, “You passed!  Good Job!”  I turned around, “I did?!?!?!”  She helped me get the permit app done in like 3 minutes, walked me to the checkout counter and I was on my way!

Let’s get to plumbing baby!


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