TEETH & Tackle Basketball?

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So AJ can’t wait to lose his teeth and I am doing all I can to hold on to mine!  ha!  Well that’s a bit of an exaggeration.  I completed phase 2 of 3 of my “treatment plan”.  My mouth is really sore.  They scheduled me tomorrow morning for phase 3 but my mouth is just too sore.  I am going to have reschedule.

The boys had their second basketball practice tonight.  At the first practice they learned to catch the ball with their hands and not their face.  In the second practice, they worked on stuff like you have to dribble the ball when you move.  MY BOYS had to be taught that tackling is not appropriate in basketball.  Adam, in particular, thought he could just go up and punch his brother when he got frustrated.  This was both hysterical and embarrassing because I had to discipline him in front of everyone in the gym.  They were doing a drill that reminded me very much of monkey in the middle.  Well Adam was the monkey, he thought AJ was purposely NOT throwing the ball to him.  So every time AJ threw the ball over Adam’s head to the other kid, Adam stomped over to AJ and punched him.  Then I had to stomp across the gym and pull him aside and remind him there is no punching in basketball.  I wish I had my i-flip.  The coach told us that our boys were “killing him”.  Joe and I found this rather amusing.  lol


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