Round 2

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This day has been amazingly eventful.  After baking up some dEElicious treats, breaking my toe, the garage being transformed into a barber shop, and my kids just being plain adorable, we then made the trek over to Aunt Becky’s for Thanksgiving round 2!

Upon pulling into Aunt Becky’s neighborhood, we noticed an unusual number of police cruisers sitting in front of her townhouse.  This was extremely exciting… we couldn’t help but wonder what sort of domestic Becky and Chris had gotten into!  (just kidding!!)  The officers were obviously in their next door neighbors home… and more arrived as we were unloading the truck!  WHAT was going on over there!?!?!  I am so noisy… it was hard for me not to go knock on the door to find out.  I exercised restraint.  There was turkey to eat!

Aunt Becky made a fabulous (!!!) dinner!  The turkey was perfect!

More peas please!

(unfortunately, I left the memory card for my camera at home so I had to try to get a couple decent pics with my cell… )

Ignore these serious faces!  Everyone was having a great time!  Look at the gorgeous food!

Great way to end a pretty dern crazy day!


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