Thanksgiving 2010

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We came, We ate, We laughed! Then we ate some more! And laughed more after that…

I let the boys have my camera, below are the results.  Another great Thanksgiving @ Liz’s!!  The food and the company were wonderful.  They just make it feel like home.

Happy Maddie!


Hot Maddie!

Penny, hiding upstairs from the noisy boys!  Poor thing, she didn’t know what to do with herself with the boys around.  Madelynn took quite an interest in her over the other 2 dogs for some reason.  When she happened to come close enough, Madelynn would squeal and flail all around.  It was so cute.  At one point, Penny came and sat down next to her (while Grandma was holding her).  We thought that was pretty neat considering how skitsh she (Penny) is.

Mason – such a pretty pup!


Sukie helping clean up after a delish dinner!

Sukie taking a break after all that cleaning!  She’s wore out!  ha!


Random pic of the living room…

Pregnant Barb looking adorable!!


Random shot of the TV?

AJ’s garage he made of the Linkin Logs.  Liz knew how much the boys enjoy them so she went out and bought another set of them!  So thoughtful!


All the linkin logs are in use!


Yet another random shot of the house…


And another one!


A different garage configuration by both boys!


Hi Uncle Chris!


Smile Grandpa!


Hi AGAIN! Uncle Chris


The boys used the bike a couple times throughout the day to burn a little energy.  They were … uh … HYPER!

Aunt Becky and Barb chatting it up with Miss Madelynn 🙂


AJ: “LOOK MOM!!!!  This one Sukie looks like she’s drinking a beer!  HAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!!”


Hi Grandma!  Here, let’s check your pores for you! ha


The hostesses with the mostests!  Liz and Jennie


Look at the huge smile.  Excellent, Joe.


Heellllooo Again Grandpa!


Heeelllllooo Again Grandma!




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