Turkey Trot

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Way Station Thanksgiving Day Turkey Trot 5K
Frederick, MD November 25, 2010
Place Div/Tot Num Name Age Hometown Gun T Net T Pace
===== ======== ===== ====================== === ================
851 94/99 1274 April Prevost 30 Woodbine MD 44:25 43:52 14:07

Now, some may not be impressed by my results...

I mean 851st place? HA! I am just  ecstatic that I wasn't

last! I thought it would take me an hour to finish. Teresa

said she  thought it would take me 40 min. I jogged nearly

the entire 5k which is huge for me since I haven't really been

training. Now I know I can do it and I am going to keep

practicing starting maybe on Saturday, because I am almost

positive that I am going to be ridiculously sore tomorrow! I

wouldn't have ever attempted something like this had Teresa

not inspired me. We are so lucky to have the Langley's in

our lives!



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