Grandparents Day!

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The long awaited day has arrived!   Adam was so excited for Grandparents Day at his school!  They had been preparing for a while now.  Pop-Pop, Grandpa, Grandpa Al & Maria were in attendance.  I volunteered to bring some food and wanted to make sure I got pictures of the big day.  Kelsey came along too!  What a fun morning!

First, the Grandparents attended Mass with the children.  Also,  the children sang songs that they had prepared.  Once back in the classroom, the children sang some more songs for their grandparents.  Then Mrs. Connell gave a short demo of the craft the grandparents would be doing with their grandchild.

The craft was a huge bread basket that looks like a turkey.  I took control and charged the grandparents with making the feathers while I had Adam work on the actual construction of the turkey portion.  I think it went very well!


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