Ambitious Day

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The boys, Maddie, and I started out our ambitious day with the Give Thanks 5k Walk for St Jude.  Aunt Becky joined us bright and early at 8am!  The boys enjoyed time on the monster playground before we began the walk at 9:45am.

I didn’t tell the boys anything about this walk other than we are walking to help sick kids.  They are familiar with “Fun Run” as we have done a couple in the past.  A fun run is usually only one mile.  A 5k is something like 3.3miles. We were not even half way through the walk when Adam says in an exhaustively dramatic way, “Mom, WWHHHYYY is this fun run SSSSOOOO long????”  I literally had to drag him after the first mile!  He was dragging his feet, slounching over, “Mom, I can’t walk anymore.  I am SSSSOOO tired!”  I have seen this kid run constantly ALL day so his dramatics were… uh… entertaining.  AND While I am dragging Adam, I am yelling for AJ, who is constantly trying to run ahead.  Yes, I am that hot mess of a mom… at least it’s not boring!

After we finished the 5k alive, we headed over to Chickfila.  Grabbed a healthy (yeah right) lunch and the boys played more on the indoor playground.  Remember, “Mom, I am SSSOOO tired”???? UH-HUH.

We said our good-byes to Aunt Becky and went home.  The boys worked in the yard picking up leaves – a recently acquired obsession – while I bummed around.  I need to preserve my energy for the Dazzle Dash!

A 1.4mile run through the Symphony of Lights in Columbia.  It was really cool!  I actually ran most of the way – an accomplishment for me!

As we were walking to entrance of Merriweather where the Symphony of Lights is held each year, Adam informed me that he “NEVER, EVER wants to do a fun run like THAT one earlier this day”…

Got it. (with fingers crossed behind my back)


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