Raiders Jamboree…

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(poor pic quality, once again, I brought my camera without the memory card… grr)

And that brings the 2010 Football season to an end.

So, SO proud of my boys!

I think it’s pretty funny that Adam is holding his cupcake up like it’s a trophy.  I wouldn’t say Adam has a sweet tooth… I say he’s got a whole mouth full of sweet teeth! A cupcake would be trophy enough for him.  They did, however, get pretty cool medals for participating in the Jamboree.  They are very proud of their medals.

During the Jamboree, they played 4 of the toughest teams in the league for 15-18 minutes per team.  Their team was undefeated for the season.  But we don’t keep score – it’s instructional.  ha!

This is the part where I started to cry.   (No wonder I have been dubbed “Hot Mess”)  Coach Danny gushed about AJ more than any other player.  He said that “the team wouldn’t have been able to do as well as they did without the best center in the league” and he just kept going on about he always did his job and worked hard and was the backbone of the team.  At that point, I had to walk away because the tears were a-flowing and I was totally embarrassed.  My heart was bursting with pride.  He is a such a focused like guy and I am just such a proud Momma.  I love how he puts his whole heart and self into something.  I love how hard he tries to do his best.  PROUD PROUD MOMMA!!

More praise from another Coach.


The cutest and goofiest Cavalier of them all (I am partial)… or as Adam says “Cavaleaders”… actually that is kinda catchy!  The were undefeated.  Oh but then again, we didn’t keep score…







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