Happy 5th Birthday, Adam!

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We celebrated Adam’s birthday today!  He’s 5 years old!!!!  My babies are growing so fast!!!!!

In the past, we end up doing a Halloween theme because he actual bday-day is the 27th.  He wanted a Toy Story party so I decided to have his party the weekend before Halloween.

We went all out seeing as how it’s his 5th!  This is a big one!  Hence, the TS moonbounce.  I had to do some serious searching to find that thing!  You would think at Toy Story moonbounce would be easy to find with TS being so popular right now.  

Adam wanted to invite all of his friends from his new school.  And we had excellent turn-out.  I think all but 2 of his classmates came.  

I generally go overboard for the kids birthday parties.  I don’t remember many birthday parties from my youth.  There were a couple memorable ones.  I think my 5th was a big one.  I think it was at my Grandparents.  I just love my kids so much and love to celebrate them!

Of course, I forgot to use my camera.  So these are the few cell pics I got.  Luckily, Kelsey got more, better pics for me!

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