Great Pumpkin Fun Run 2010

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The boys, my mom and dad, and I “walked” the Great Pumpkin Fun Run today to raise money for St. Jude.

On the drive up to Frederick, it just poured rain.  And I thought for sure we were in for a miserable “fun” run. Well the Lord must had something else in mind for us because as soon as we got close to the farm, the rain stopped.  And it stayed clear for the duration of the event!  It was awesome.

AJ told me last night, “Mom, I want to win.”  I told him it was just for fun and everyone wins.  “No, Mom, I am going to win.”  Ok!  As soon as they started us off, AJ and Adam started running!  They ran the whole mile!  In 13:49min!  I stayed back and walked with Mom.  Dad ended up having to chase them for the mile.  AJ wasn’t kidding when he said he wanted to win.  At the end of the walk, they were giving each person

a little baby pumpkin.  Adam told me that was his 1st place prize!

My  neighbor, Teresa, ran the 5k portion.  Hopefully soon I can join her!

After the fun run, everyone took advantage of all the activities at the farm.  They had this huge “jumping pillow”.  The boys were in heaven.  And, of course, Teresa and I gave it whirl too.  You can only imagine how funny that was!   Who knew you could pack so much fun in between 8 and 10am on a Sunday morning!

Adam with his 1st place prize for the fun run...

Kids in a HUGE rocking chair!

AJ catching some air on the "Jumping Pillow"


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