Spike Bit My Butt

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I have no idea why his eyes glow when I take pics with my phone! Weird!

I was out in the front yard caring for my chickens this evening.   As I was entering the front door, I could hear AJ doing his overdramatic, scream-yell, that he does when he’s not really hurt but more like offended.  Knowing he was mostly likely NOT hurt, I took my time getting to him.  “AJ, what’s wrong?” I asked.  “AAHHHAAAAHHHAAA…Spike bit my butt…AHAHHAAAAAAHHHHHH”…

“Are you okay?” I asked, doing my best to hold back my laughter.  “AAAAAHHHHH… Yyyeeessssss. I don’t think there is a mark.” and he proceeds to show me his little butt cheek.  Perfectly fine.  Not even a mark.  Then I asked, “AJ, why did Spike bite your butt?”  He responds with a whimper, “because I was teasing him.”  Well, it’s a bit hard for me to get upset with the dog now!!  I think I could make a lot of money off these kids in theater.

Give me those ankles, human! mmmuuuuaaahahhhhaaa

AAAahhhh... bitting human butts makes me tired...


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