Back to School Night

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AJ's 1st Grade Locker

AJ came home from school today and tells me that his Back to School night is tonight.  WHAT?!?!  I had put on the calendar that Adam’s Back to School night was tonight.  I could feel my chest tightening up!  How was I going to attend two Back to School nights on the same night?  Oh Panic… how I loathe thee.

I ran downstairs to check my outlook calendar again.  It said Adam – Back to School night.  Crap.  I looked at Adam’s school calendar.  It’s says Back to School night Wed 8th.  YAY!  That’s tomorrow!  I am safe.  What a minute?!?!  It only says K-5.  No pre-k.  So I called.  No Back to School night for pre-k at all!  They only do the orientation before school starts.  Which I missed on Aug 26th because Joe’s dad was in the hospital having a quadruple bypass… and Joe said he had wanted to go down to see him, and the boys had football that same night.  We just couldn’t swing it.  Ah well!!!!  One less “thing” I have to fit into the schedule!

I brought Madelynn with me because the boys had football practice AND team pictures.  I thought it was too much for Joe to handle both of those things, and then have to care for the baby too.  It was so nice to attend the Back to School night and know other parents.  I sat next to Sey for the volunteer training and she just loved all over Madelynn.  Love it!  Then we hooked up with Brison’s mom, Crystal, when we had to go to the classrooms.  It was pretty hysterical – the adults trying to fit in those little tiny chairs.  We were like sardines smashed up next to each other at our kids desks!  I wish I had gotten a picture of that!  So funny!

It was all the same old stuff… the 1st grade teachers seem pretty good.  I am happy.  AJ’s classroom is adorable. Mrs Curtis had it all decorated with a beach theme.  Fun Fun Fun.  He keeps is desk very neat and orderly.  It was just so… AJ!

I think it’s funny that they have lockers!  I didn’t get to have a locker until middle school and it was a huge deal!  I am so proud of him.  AJ is doing very well in school and actually seems to like it!  I NEVER liked going to school.  I mean I hated it!  I can remember trying my hardest to fake illness so I wouldn’t have to go!  So far, both boys seem like they really love their schools.  Well, at least neither of them are faking illness to try to get out of going to school.  I am taking that as a good sign!


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