Lovely Labor Day Weekend

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We had the nicest weekend!  The weather was amazing!  Got to spend a wonderful time with family and friends.  Madelynn was baptized on Sunday.  Just lovely.  We are so blessed!

According to Adam we were going to Maddy’s Vaptism… and AJ called it her APPatism!  So funny!

Proud moment for me… when we prayed the Lord’s Prayer during Madelynn’s baptism, both AJ and Adam recited it perfectly.  Loud and proud.  Father Mike was very impressed and asked how old they were.  I am just SO PROUD of my beautiful children!  I love them so much.

Afterwards we had a classic cookout at the house, then had a bonfire and smores at our neighbors.  It was just a great weekend!


One thought on “Lovely Labor Day Weekend

  1. Hi there,
    Yes, a beautiful weekend, and all the blessings were evident. The Lord is in everything good! Slow down mommy, before you know it you will be looking back and missing all this wonderful activity. Life happens too fast, relish and enjoy. Love, mom

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