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Wondering why my eternally happy baby is awfully unhappy today?!?!  She is just very fussy… I have to wonder if it that’s dern tooth trying to break through?  Hard to say, she can’t tell me what’s wrong.  I put a fresh diaper on her and a fresh outfit, gave her a dose of Tylenol, and a bottle.  She finally settled down.  Of course, she then proceeded to poop and fall asleep immediately upon completion of said business.  So now, I have to disturb her after I finally got her to settle down to clean her up!  Why!??!!

She is so cute right now.  She’s really starting to be so aware of her surroundings and tries to touch everything.  She has been sticking her tongue out a lot.  I think she is just figuring it out, that she has control over it.  So she just sits there, with her tongue sticking out.  It’s hysterical.

It was discovered this morning that she loathes my robot vacuum!  I guess it scares her?  The moment I turn it on, she starts crying.  Not just any cry, the hyperventil-cry.  Not sure what I am going to do about this… I depend on that little robot to help me clean the floor so I can multi-task.  I have an appt here today with our architect and the house is a wreck… as usual.

I am a bit anxious today.  We are having a small family cookout after Madelynn’s Christening on Sunday.  I don’t like having more than one thing to do a day anymore!  I feel like I am getting so old.  I used to be able to do a million things a day and it didn’t bother me… Not any more!  BJs, clean the house, get Adam from preschool, try to get some office work done, meet with architect, get AJ from the bus… all before 3pm.   I just need to relax!  I can do this.  No prob!  I won’t even have to rush!  (yeah right)….


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  1. I nixed the BJ’s trip! Just going to hit the grocery store after the farmers market tomorrow morning. Ordering formula from AAAHAHHAHHHH… I feel so much better! NOT. Still got get this house in order. Where’s my magic wand?

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